Monday, 30 January 2012

Dr. Martens + update

Hello dolls , 
So I feel real bad about not posting as much as I wish , but I have my reasons.
There is way too much happening in my life right now.
I don't want this blog to turn into a private blog with me letting out everythings whats on my mind and all my problems so I will just say I have lots going on and since my boyfriends works away from home I try and spend as much time as I can with him.
I really want to start more pictures on daily basics for my posts , and here is some good news.
I got a charger for my proper sony alpha so pictures can be better quality if it comes to beauty , make up or fashion , jewellery . 
Bad news - i lost a cable to put them through to my laptop.
Ah my luck.
Anyways I want to show you my latest purchase.
As I wrote few posts ago I put Blue Dr Martens on my wishlist.
With my awesome ( NOT) luck I could not find them online , and once I did , some errors came up when it came to confirming the payment.
So while I was searching through websites I found those beauties and decided to buy them instead.
I still badly want blue ones but for now those will do , and as you may know martens are boots that at least in my eyes will last me a long while.

As it says aparently they are 46% off and used to cost £111.99 (what an odd price)
but all I paid was £60.

They are grey , but in real life they have loads of silver into them and are not as matte as they may seem on a picture.
I love them.
They are my first martens but I am so happy with them.
Although I hope that they will be full leather.
They are so , but just on outside. Inside is some other fabric.
So yeah , I promise to write more and make my blog better and better. 

suzanne marie

Thursday, 19 January 2012

green is good

So today I was in the rush to get to college early morning and thats what I threw on.
*So I just wore some jeans that are more of a leggins from New Look
*Little green tank top with nice detail from local Happit shop, i love that collor
*Earring and neckless from M&CO - totally in love with them
*grey long cardigan from H&M
*thin black belt from my mums teen years

I also have a my first tutorial look on youtube of my todays make up :

Suzanne Marie

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Pernament eyeliner ?!

Hello dolls , 
So purchasing that product I felt love and hate in the same time.
But first of all I wanted to tell you I am startin a youtube channel and that post will include a video for more info .
So Subscribe for confidence haha
and yeah.
There is some facts I listed to get you a quick and simple rewiev of this liner.
( I actualy never seen all the colors in the shop , they are so gorgeous! )

* impossible to wash off!
*really pigmented
*apparently some people are using it to retouch their tattoos since they last so long
*some use it as a nail polish
*u can leave it on for few days and effect stays the same
*colors are vibrant and unique
*drying time - about 5 minutes

my new little wish list:

1. Dr martens eyelet blue
2.Kat von D new limited , Mi Vida Loca pallete
3. galaxy leggins
4. Jeffrey Campbell lita - galaxy
5.  Lime Crime candyfuture lipstics

suzanne marie

Monday, 16 January 2012


Hello ,
Sooo I could post a big haul of the stuff I got while shopping last weekend but some of it is packed to suitcases and it would be a really long post if I would talk about every single item.
That is why I finally got myself to make a youtube channel after 3 years of wondering what if I will be confident enough.
So what I will show you today will be few random purchases from boots.
I am not going to really write about those since pictures speak for themself.

Then we have the cute Wales & Gromit radio I could not resist buying , haha
little frame that I just got coz I love pictures and that is so sad but I do not know how it's called. Its cute and will keep my coffee warm for college days .

And just a quick picture of my nails I just painted.
Plain Rimmel "Ballerrina" polish for french with top coat of next silver "cracking" polish.
I know I have excess of polish round but I always seem to do it , wait till it dryes and then scrub it off, haha, get over it.

Oh I have tumblr now so leave me your urls , fallow and stuff :

and youtube channel I am in process of updating 1st video:

Last thing I would like to mention.
For a while I have been loving Audrey Kitchings look with bold blue and yellow lip.
Do you girls know where could I get some?
I would be glad to get some!

Hope you liked that quick post. And your more than welcome to chat to me on twitter dolls.

suzanne marie

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