Sunday, 18 November 2012

Winter must haves

I have seen loads of post recently with " Winter warmers" and thought I will share my thought with you about winter must haves.
Waking up early in the morning, it is still dark outside and all I want to do is stay in my bed with hot tea.
That is the times when I really do not want to spend time picking out my outfit shaking from cold in my jimjams, that is why I came up with quick , cool looking way to pick out outfits for them days.
I stocked up on leggings while being pregnant , well I did not have much choice as I did not fit in much stuff and let's face it  maternity clothes are not the most fashionable. Anywhayssss.....leggings paired up with baggy jumper/sweater , some heavy boots and to top it off a winter hat.
What  a great , effortless outfits it is , and with extra pair of tights underneath and long sleeved top , it is so cosy!
This is how I have been dressed recently on college days ,adding a leather jacket with fur collar, even more cosier!
What are you must haves?

(all the itmes show are from river island )

suzanne marie

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Life in Instagram #3

We got a massive canvas in Hobbycraft fora bargain price of £10 pounds! Can not wait to do a massive family tree on it :)

 Mini watercolors, how adorable?!

 Testing out Barry M's halloween "web effect"orange nail polish and let me tell you, it does not work as expected and the time I waited for it to dry.......way too long!
 Halloween lights!
I got a pack of 10 pink and black glittery skulls  in TKmaxx for £5 , they had other colors , I wish I bought them all! Do not know what I am going to do with them tho , any DIY ideas?
 Honey porrige with raising is coming back to my breakfast menu :)
 Being ill is not fun , but everytime I eat pasta with tomatos garlic and onion I feel so much better! Recomending this nomy cure!

Goat cheese bruschettas , NOM!

suzanne marie

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ice cream flatforms

Flatforms , big trend I believe all of you will agree. I bet all of you purchased at least a pair of them.
I was looking for a pair a little more edgy , diffrent and gladly I came across those babies that are sold at ASOS.
When they came in to my door and I opened the box , 2 thing came through my mind.
HOW CUTE and Thats a strong plastic smell.
The sole is so thick you can definitely .......hmm...smell it?
But let's go back to the look first. The pattern of ice cream is the most adorable thing ever , and not as many shoes , they happend to have a pattern on the inside too. I always buy thing not thinking what will I will pair them up so thats how this purchase happened , and now I feel slightly awkward with putting them with an outfit.
The sole seems big , but I did not realize how heavy shoes will be.
They are definitley not the type of shoes you would throw on quickly. Everytime I consider wearing them I give it a thought if I will survive the day at the college going up and down the stairs or else.
I feel like it is weird to say but you need to "learn" how to walk in those and once you do it doesnt feel so strange anymore ,but I would not recommend running in them.
I think they are a cool unique piece ,but definitely not super comfy to walk in , but then again 
as I heard once " When your uncomfortable that is when you look good"

So do any of you own pair of flatforms?
suzanne marie
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