Sunday, 18 November 2012

Winter must haves

I have seen loads of post recently with " Winter warmers" and thought I will share my thought with you about winter must haves.
Waking up early in the morning, it is still dark outside and all I want to do is stay in my bed with hot tea.
That is the times when I really do not want to spend time picking out my outfit shaking from cold in my jimjams, that is why I came up with quick , cool looking way to pick out outfits for them days.
I stocked up on leggings while being pregnant , well I did not have much choice as I did not fit in much stuff and let's face it  maternity clothes are not the most fashionable. Anywhayssss.....leggings paired up with baggy jumper/sweater , some heavy boots and to top it off a winter hat.
What  a great , effortless outfits it is , and with extra pair of tights underneath and long sleeved top , it is so cosy!
This is how I have been dressed recently on college days ,adding a leather jacket with fur collar, even more cosier!
What are you must haves?

(all the itmes show are from river island )

suzanne marie

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Life in Instagram #3

We got a massive canvas in Hobbycraft fora bargain price of £10 pounds! Can not wait to do a massive family tree on it :)

 Mini watercolors, how adorable?!

 Testing out Barry M's halloween "web effect"orange nail polish and let me tell you, it does not work as expected and the time I waited for it to dry.......way too long!
 Halloween lights!
I got a pack of 10 pink and black glittery skulls  in TKmaxx for £5 , they had other colors , I wish I bought them all! Do not know what I am going to do with them tho , any DIY ideas?
 Honey porrige with raising is coming back to my breakfast menu :)
 Being ill is not fun , but everytime I eat pasta with tomatos garlic and onion I feel so much better! Recomending this nomy cure!

Goat cheese bruschettas , NOM!

suzanne marie

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ice cream flatforms

Flatforms , big trend I believe all of you will agree. I bet all of you purchased at least a pair of them.
I was looking for a pair a little more edgy , diffrent and gladly I came across those babies that are sold at ASOS.
When they came in to my door and I opened the box , 2 thing came through my mind.
HOW CUTE and Thats a strong plastic smell.
The sole is so thick you can definitely .......hmm...smell it?
But let's go back to the look first. The pattern of ice cream is the most adorable thing ever , and not as many shoes , they happend to have a pattern on the inside too. I always buy thing not thinking what will I will pair them up so thats how this purchase happened , and now I feel slightly awkward with putting them with an outfit.
The sole seems big , but I did not realize how heavy shoes will be.
They are definitley not the type of shoes you would throw on quickly. Everytime I consider wearing them I give it a thought if I will survive the day at the college going up and down the stairs or else.
I feel like it is weird to say but you need to "learn" how to walk in those and once you do it doesnt feel so strange anymore ,but I would not recommend running in them.
I think they are a cool unique piece ,but definitely not super comfy to walk in , but then again 
as I heard once " When your uncomfortable that is when you look good"

So do any of you own pair of flatforms?
suzanne marie

Friday, 26 October 2012

Kat von D inspired candle decoration piece


Okey so first of all I struggled so bad to name this post haha.
Second of all , yes this is supposed to be fashion/beauty blog but I just can not help to post some DIY once in a while! I love arty , crafty stuff and hope you do enjoy them posts , at least sometimes :).
So for those who do watch LA ink maybe you noticed the decor of Kats private studio?  
In the back she has portraits of Ludwig van Beethoven along with loads and loads of candles melted into each other. I was trying to find some pictures to show you the exact piece but it is so hard and the only pictures they are on google are such a poor quality and size.
Sooooo.... Kats candles are a pretty decent size , so I did not even thought about attempting doing such a big thing.
The first thing to do was find candles.
You CAN NOT use the ones in jars , glass etc.
My first thought was to buy a lot of candles with different thicknesses , long at short , but if you do not want to spend lots of money for something your gonna melt you will not be able to do that.
One sunny day on a walk with my lovely little family we came across our local costume shop - they were shutting down and hat a big sale on . We bought a few rather creepy pieces , was gonna leave and then BAM I came across the perfect candles. They were sling , long and RED ( this is great since I thought about doing it black and red) I bought all the candles they have left which was 60 of them for the price of £5 ! 
Now , you can not go wrong with that :)
So I took out a bit of wodden piece from the sched and decided to use it as a platform for my melted candles. To stick them onto the surcafe you need to melt the bottom of a candle and in the same time let it drip on the surface.
Now you need to be quick and stick the candle onto hot dripped wax.
This is basiclly the whole idea. 
You can break candles to make smaller and taller ones and when you have at least couple light them so they can look more used and gothic-ky?

In the end I painted the wood black ( which I probably should of done first :P) and with last little candle i made it drip on the platform so I can stick my bugs onto it.

I love the ending idea, it gives the dark kind of church like feeling to the room , although I would not recomend lighting all the candles at once coz they will melt into each other and break in half , so be care full   hope you enjoyed it!
What do you guys think?

suzanne marie

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins

As some of you might know Kardashian Kollection is coming to UK and will include over 100 pieces of clothing and accessories in Dorothy Perkins shops.
I am quite surprised that they are going to sell there , I was expecting something like their own part of debenhams next to expensive designers and stuff. But anyways , the Kollection will be released 8 November this year and so far I can not find any information on the subject what items we will see there, but I assume it will be the same collections as at Sears.
I wanted to post some pictures from official Sears site but the pictures of clothing are ridicously small! So instead I will have to post the shoot shots.

I personally do not find it AMAZING . There is definitely loads of print going on, which for me is a plus .
But in the same time those pieces are so simple and for my taste  from what I've seen so far it is not really my taste.
I am not a huge fan of Kardashians , I do watch their show but Its because I am slightly obsessed with watching all the reality shows (oopsss)
Even though, I am really curious about how their collection will look like in real life ,what pieces will be in DP and is it going to be overpriced just coz its Kardashians? So far my favorite pieces are the bags and purses.

What do you think?
suzanne marie

Monday, 8 October 2012

Halloween #1- witch dresses

Yes, it's Halloween this very month!
I know I am getting excited maybe a little bit too early?

Oh well,
I am really excited ,but do not even know if I will get a chance to dress up :(
Anyways , I love Halloween for the simple fact of dressing up , you can go as crazy as you can and I think everyone should.
Although the costumes you can get in a costume shop are , let's face it , cheap made , tacky looking and mostly quite mmm sluty can I say?
So I found couple of dresses from high street that you could pair up with a hat some heels even fishnets and make a perfect Halloween witch
Look at those gorgeous dresses.
What do you think,
is it better to put few pieces together to have a nice looking costume?
And something I am so curious about , 
do you know who you are going as?:)

suzanne marie

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Life in Instagram #2

So today an instagram post from past few days :)

My baby Arielle having  a nap in her Tigger suit.
My babys fashionista pink fur

Walking around with my baby in baby carrier doing house work.

Baby outfit of the day

Local Happy Garden store has Christmas already! Exciting!

Walk with my daughter , new boots and toki doki diaper bag.

Mums visiting - fruity breakfast 

Barbie nails

Our lizards being silly , it cracks me up coz looking at this picture I just think its doing egypctian dance or something *easily amused*

Bracelets of the day avon/new look/tenerife/gifts/h.samuel

Morning Spongebob tv

Someones getting excited about Christmas...

Shes onto solids now! 


Mum loves to make me fat

Happy smiles before the walk!

Hope you enjoyed this quick post :) 

suzanne marie

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Winter boots

Hello girls!
So Autumn is approaching quick , well at least here in Scotland . 
Waking up is not as nice at it used to be , instead of a nice bright sun slowly approaching on the sky  we have darkness , rain and for me the worst - wind . 
Anywhoooos , it is so awkward to dress knowing my experience from past years living here , that in next hour on the bus , my feet will froze and the only way to be warm is wearing a padded jacket . I know I know seems like I describe winter , but for me weather like that is just like winter but not as pretty for eyes if you know what I mean :)
So , the whole point of this post is boots. I bet we all look for perfect boots for autumn/winter time. I have quite few pairs from past few years and not planning to get rid of them , but I was lacking the simple black boot . Shopping with my mum - as she treats me to new boots and jacket , basically every year , It kicked in that I have my lovely Dr. Martens that I love wearing all the seasons and with a thick sock they are perfect for cold days! But then , once again , they are not black , and I can not imagine wearing them to some autumn dresses or coats. 
So this is where the hunt for boots began.
My mum thought me to buy leather shoes if its possible  - they last longer - look better and most importantly are more comfortable and do not give you smelly feet! :)
So after looking for boots in Topshop , debenhams , office ,schuh and so many we ended up in TKmaxx and tadam!

I spotted them dark dark navy ( they actually look  so much darker in real life , could be mistaken for black ) boots . They are by Josef Seibel which I would compare to brand ecco - quite ugly but super comfortable shoes. Those ones tho , are nice looking , I was not too keen on little red logo thingy but I can deal with that.They have that chunky look about them that is just so me. They are so comfy and their sole is thick which should keep my feet warm in winter times :)

We were going to leave the shop with my happy soul that I found booties that originally where £100 but we just paid half a price , but then my mum run up to me with wedge , military boots. I was not too keen on the first look but as I tried them on they were damn comfortable and look quite cool , chunky and make me so tall. Then mama said , check the inside , and wowza, Jeffrey Campbell . 
I would never never, think I would come across JC in TKMaxx ( no particular reason).
SO they were also something around half price , bargain!
I was trying to find more detail and proper name of the style online, but I just couldnt :( anyone knows?
All I know is that I love them! I never thought to buy my first JC for this price! Their obviously full leather which as we all know by now is really important to me.

Do you have your autumn/winter boots purchased? or eyes on any?
suzanne marie
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