Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Alice in Wonderland inspired outfit.

Hello dolls,
So everyone talks how monochrome is big this summer and I realised i do not own any of it , and I mean I do not wear black or whites . 
So during my little shopping spree online I decided to pick up few bits and one of them was this circular monochrome skirt from boohoo. 
The top Im wearing is actually peplum but I tucked it in so nobody can tell haha.
I paired it with my ultimate fave chunky monkey neckless and my favourtie not worn enough coat.
I didnt got inspired by Alice in Wonderland and put the outfit together, I put it together and then I kinda realized it gives me this mad wonderland vibe, do you feel me ?:)
I weirdly enough do not own any flat black shoes so I decided to go for more of a going out look and put on my outragous Jeffrey Campbells covered in spikes.

How do you like it?
I also have a video on this look if you want to see more :)
suzanne marie

Monday, 13 May 2013

Ebay finds - Jelly/Transparent MAD

I have been so obssesed with ebay for past few months. All the bargains and great stuff you can find there!
And for a past few weeks I have been dying over jelly/transparent shoes and bags !
So I decided to ebay them , and my godness I need those in my life!
I have seen the exact same shoes on ROMWE but 3 times a price and I am pretty sure it is a same product :)
They bags ,what can I say , I do sense a little bit of tackiness but maybe thats what I need?
\Haha , can not believe I just said that, but who knows maybe those handbags are actually pretty cute as on a pictures?

If I order those I will be definitley sharing with you the quality of the bags and shoes as the price is just so funny! (all of them are like £14 each )

What do you think about jelly/transparent shoes/bags?

suzanne marie
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