Friday, 30 March 2012

My favourite (leave in) hair products.

Hello ,hello.
So I am still in process of moving into our new home and spending loads of time on college work since I wish to finish college 2 month earlier. 
The Easter break started , but for me it just mean  I have so much to do! I do promise to post as much as I can though.
So here we go , I thought I will share with you my favorite leave in products for hair that I do not imagine living without. Maybe you will find them interesting and worth testing out :)

1.Anian Keratina Liquida
I actually spotted it in Tenerife for about £4 I think , but I am not sure if it will be able to purchase it somewhere online since I bought it in local pharmacy. I really need to find it once I will run out! 
It is basically keratin in liquid as you can guess and promises to leave hair stronger, silky , give more volume ,look more healthy etc.
And for me it is a big miracle. I  spray it all over my hair when hair is still damp and just leave it in .
I have notice that if I will not use it there is a massive difference in my hair. 
After using the product my poor damaged hair is silky,shiny ,looks healthy and seems to build nice texture again. ( If you wonder why I am saying my hair is so damaged is from all the experiments I have done so check my hair history post HERE )
I really recommend this product or something with similar that includes keratin.

2.AUSSIE Dual Personality ANTI-FRIZZ=conditioning milk
So this product is something I do not use on daily basics but about 3-4 times a week. 
The description says to use about half a palm or a bit more depending on hair length and work into hai wet or damp , then come through and blow dry.
I use about 2 pumps and go roughly through the hair and just leave it in. I feel like it really does condition my hair but I realized if you use to much it just makes your hair looking greasy. Overall it does make my hair look softer more fresh and helps with styling a lot.

3.VO5 curl defining mousse
This is a heat protecting , curl defying mousee I totally adore. I used to curl my hair a lot before deciding to give my hair long break from heat and I loved it . It protected and made my curls looks fab and last all day and night , literally. If your looking for that kind of effect then go and purchase it !:)

4.AUSSIE DUAL PERSONALITY colored hair protection + shine serum
This products says it adds gloss to your hair and supposed to enhance hair color.
I am not sure about that  , but I found it really great to put on the ends of my hair to keep it less frizzy and give the hairstyle polished finished look.

So these are my 4 products that I really like using and noticed the difference in my hair . I have also loads of hair mask and stuff do use while in shower that made a huge difference in my hair but that is for a different post.
Hope you are all alright .
suzanne marie

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Japanesse street fashion

Hello dolls,
So recently I found this japanesse street fashion website and saved some of the pictures I liked.
People there seem to be so out there with their fashion and I think that this is just so ace!
Everyone looks so different and that is so inspiring.
So this is some of the pictures I saved because I like them , they inspire me or they are just fun to see what people come up with.

Now , those girls prove there is no rules if it comes to fashion.
So inspiring!
Do you like to experiment looking like some of them or are you one of the ones that keep it simple and casual?:)

suzanne marie

Monday, 26 March 2012

Coz your filthy!

Hello dolls, 
So I have even more going on and that is why I have not blogged for a while. The reason being - I am moving! Yes me and my love are finally moving in together to a lovely house. So you can imagine how much time and energy it takes to move all the stuff from my house and my boyfriends to new home plus still keep up with college. I am curentlly still at my mums packing more and more stuff and decided to take a break for tea and write a post to explain myself. 
I took some really awkward pictures of what I was wearing the other day while in a bus haha.
So I will post that and I am heading to get boxes ready and also look for more baby furniture , ah so much to do!
Hope you are all alright.

I am off now to pack and move in the rhythmic of this ace song :D

suzanne marie

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

OOTD - velvet + print leggins

So I am pretty busy recently and mostly tired so I try to write post everytime I found some time or energy so here we go with quick outfit of the day from my today's college outfit.
Recently since my bump is getting bigger and bigger I just wear loads of leggins and big shirts or dresses , I see so much stuff in my wardrobe that I can not just wait to pair and wear and they still have tags on but that is obviously when our little one will be here this summer. 

suzanne marie

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Neutrogena T/Gel Shampoo

Hello dolls,
So today I will write a review about a miracle product that some of you might need but it could be
a bit of embarassing problem.
Dry sculp  , dandruff - call it how you want.
I recently notice my sculp was getting itchy , and as some of you know it is not a nice feeling
to itch your head every 5 minutes. 
I think I found a problem to my case which was a tresemme hairspray. Even tho I still kept using
it time to time.
I also got worried I will get bad stubborn dandruff so run to my mum for a advice.
She simply poped in to boots and after few minutes came out with Neutrogena T/Gel shampoo.
We get 250 ml for about £8 pounds and it is a miracle shampoo!
It says to use it 2-3 times a week and should last for about 6 weeks and after that time you 
should see an effect.
I felt a massive diffrence after the first time using it. My hair was more shiny , not dry 
and not itchy! Yay! I really love that product and used it all. 
Although I think I had it for longer since I did not use it every week several times. I decided
if my sculp is fine I am not going to use it this one week. I am after the whole 
bottle of this shampoo and my head never felt better (?) haha that sound quite weird.
Anyways I do recomennd to condicion hair after using this product. Still being in the shower I felt like
m hair is not soft enough but come on it is not like this shampoo is condicioning your hair so yeah.
I do recomend it for all of you who might have problem like that even sometimes and for those with really stubborn
dandruff. Hope it helped :)
suzanne marie

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Printed leggins!

Hello dolls,
So finally I picked up my package with 4 new pairs of leggings from the post.
I have a whole box full of leggings , easy to wear and so comfy , especially since I am not able to fit into my jeans :)
So I got 4 new pairs of boohoo.com   and notice they are the first ones in my little "collection" that are colorfull.
I own loads of wool like ,shiny , black ones but it is time to liven up my wardrobe if it comes to leggings so here we go. 
I am not sure how to wear them , since they are so in your face the top probably should be super simple hm?
But from other side we see loads of mixing patterns and stuff on catwalks and stuff so maybe I will throw any printed top and just go with it :) 

So how do you like this trend of printed leggings? and how would you wear them?

hope you enjoyed this quick post :)
suzanne marie
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