Saturday, 28 July 2012

Sunday, 22 July 2012


My good friend stayed over for few days with me due to my boyfriends absents and somehow at 5am in the morning we decided to give ourself a bit of a makeover.
I decided to go with blue lip and blue eyebrows , with hair and what i was wearing i felt like a crazy back up dancer in lady gagas video 
but to be honest I do not see what would stop me to go out with make up like that :D

blue lip pout by SLEEK :)

suzanne marie

Friday, 20 July 2012

Happy Friday!

Hello girl,
It is Friday and if your going out or staying in I wish you a happy weekend :)
I am spending my evening with my baby boo Arielle watching Disney Channel even tho I am the one enjoying it not her haha.
I decided to search through and put together 2 outfits for night our or whatever and share with you guys.
I would love to have both of those combinations!

Dress - Motel New Zoe Bodycon Dress in Mirrored Island Print


suzanne marie

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Table centrepieces - inspirations

I love candles but lately I started thinking to make them more exciting.
I thought that it would be nice , pretty and fun to have some "table centrepieces" in each of the room in our house. Not nessecerly on the table but what I mean a nice composition of stuff and candles for decoration .
I am still trying to figure out what to use with mine since I am a bit of DIY crafty person and do not want to buy everything ready , but I promise once I will do that I will let you know and post maybe a little DIY project? 
So here is some home suitable ideas/inspirations.

Hope you still enjoyed even tho it was not a fashion realeted post :)

suzanne marie


Who doesn't know that brand ? 
It is advertised in so many places and magazines , so straight away I would think it is good.
I started using their shampoo and hairspray and thought commercials do not lie.
Well here we are few months later and  I am very disappointed.

Both of those product ( I tried few of the shampoos not just this deep cleansing one and also few stronger and lighter hairsprays and think all of that worked the same bad way) gave me such a itchy and dry scalp.
I was sure it is, because my hair is for some strange reason starting to get bad and unhealthy again. My boyfriend kept telling me that if I think it is the hairspray it is my fault becouse apparently I would put the tube too close to my head and not few inches away as said to do.
I was wondering maybe its because recently I have been craving junk food.
One day I decided maybe I should stop using this hairspray and.......... it helped! 
The whole nightmare came along once again as I started using their shampoo but with more "bad benefits" my scalp was not just itchy and full of dandruff but hair straight after getting dry after a shower were already super greasy.  HOW THE HELL?!
Again I did not realize it might be Tresemme shampoo but finally after few more days of horrible hair I thought to give a shot of using a diffrent brand that lies next to my bath.
It stopped , my hair started to feel better again and mainly no dry itchy scalp!

I will never never use those products again ! I am so dissapointed and I feel like I want to say that coz of that experience I will never use any of tresemme products but I do use their conditioner for colour treated hair and it works wonders! 

What is your experience with tresemme products? 

suzanne marie

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Hello , hello.
So here we are with the first face of the day :)
After long months of being pregnant and tiredness and not being bothered to do my make up I finally got back to actually being bothered again :D 
It feels so good having loads of eyeshadows and thick line on my eyelids ( woah that sounds silly ) anyways here we go :)

concealer - maybelline pure mineral
powder - LOLA

mascara -maybelline lash stilleto
eyeshadow - gosh pallete+ collection 2000 metallic cream in 6 emerald city

rimmel - kiss me

Hope you are all okey and "see you" next time :)

suzanne marie

Monday, 16 July 2012

Wishlist #July

I have been "trying" to go thorugh my wardrobe and get rid of stuff I will not wear or are just simply super old. In the same time I was browsing online looking at some pieces I really want to purchase.
1. cross t-shirt - I recently wear loads of leggings and think that a simple plain cut out t shirt with the cross will add a nice simple edge to them.
2. Striped blouse  - I have been wanting this one for a while. I think it looks so beattle juice and just rad
3.Cross print leggings - as a big fan of leggings I need a pair of those
4.Neon hat - probably yellow one would do. I am not a big hat person but I feel like trying to pull of this neon beanie with some neon leggings or thights maybe?
5.Denim bustier top - that I probably would not wear till I get to my pre pregnancy body 
6.Some studded jewellery - to add edge to simple outfits
7. Studded heels - I feel like I am in need to get some killer party shoes , and ones with studds would be a dreamy pair :)

tell me what do you think and what are pieces you really want to pick up :)

suzanne marie

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Melt the rainbow!

Hello dolls , 
So finally a new post and something different this time.
I love DIY and fun art projects and recently my friend introduced  me to this quick , fun and amazing looking  
art piece.
So how to do it?
All you need is :
*few packs of wax crayons
*glue gun
*glue sticks
* hair-dryer

1.First you need to look up the rainbow colors and pick few of each the same wax crayons
2.Pill of the paper of wax crayons
3.Glue them next to each other on top of the canvas using glue gun
4.Draw an image on the cardboard ( I did a cartoon me , my bf and our daughter :P) 
5.Paste the little cardboard picture down on the canvas. (It need to be on thick cardboard so the crayons dont melt over it.)
6.And simply use a hairdryer to melt crayons and let them drip down the canvas.

I think it is so fun and also got a lot of complements on it! It is so easy and as a arty person I love that kind of stuff! So if you have some fun tutorial like that or any DIY let me know!
I am curently hunting for nice DIY center piece ideas with candles so if any of you seen some please let me know!

so that is it for todays quick arty post .
Hope you enjoyed it even tho it has nothing to do with fashion or beauty , but this blog is a part of me and art y diy's are too.

stay toned for my HITS and MISSES in beauty !

suzanne marie 

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