Sunday, 15 July 2012

Melt the rainbow!

Hello dolls , 
So finally a new post and something different this time.
I love DIY and fun art projects and recently my friend introduced  me to this quick , fun and amazing looking  
art piece.
So how to do it?
All you need is :
*few packs of wax crayons
*glue gun
*glue sticks
* hair-dryer

1.First you need to look up the rainbow colors and pick few of each the same wax crayons
2.Pill of the paper of wax crayons
3.Glue them next to each other on top of the canvas using glue gun
4.Draw an image on the cardboard ( I did a cartoon me , my bf and our daughter :P) 
5.Paste the little cardboard picture down on the canvas. (It need to be on thick cardboard so the crayons dont melt over it.)
6.And simply use a hairdryer to melt crayons and let them drip down the canvas.

I think it is so fun and also got a lot of complements on it! It is so easy and as a arty person I love that kind of stuff! So if you have some fun tutorial like that or any DIY let me know!
I am curently hunting for nice DIY center piece ideas with candles so if any of you seen some please let me know!

so that is it for todays quick arty post .
Hope you enjoyed it even tho it has nothing to do with fashion or beauty , but this blog is a part of me and art y diy's are too.

stay toned for my HITS and MISSES in beauty !

suzanne marie 


MayT said... said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] [Reply] Reply To This Comment

This looks so cute! A perfect idea to decor any space of the house, and feel like an artist :)

MayT Essentials

Georgie said... said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] [Reply] Reply To This Comment

Omg love this, it looks sooo cool! Really cute.

Georgie <3

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