Monday, 22 July 2013


Hello people :)
So as some of you may know UK has been BOILING this past couple of weeks hence why I whipped out all my summer dresses and picked up few bits and bobs . Ahh the excitment !
This is the outfit I wore yesterday on our little family trip to the park where we walked thorough such a nice green house that had all the plant from all over the world.
I wore this cute playsuit ,dungarees? that look like its a dress but its actually really flared shorts! I love it and its so comfortable, the print is such a statement you dont even need to style it up.
But me being me , I needed colour hence why I through on this SheInside necklace which is my new purchase and such a statement piece. 
(you can see those and more items in my recent haul on www.youtube.com/abstractiononheels )

How did you spend your weekend / holiday?
suzanne marie

Sunday, 7 July 2013

One dress - 4 ways

Hi gals!
So I got this dress few months back and latley I have been loving it! It's from new look and I got it in sale section for like 6 pounds! BARGAIN ALERT!
Anyways it is so easy to wear , all it takes is , well if you like it the way it is you can wear it like that or make 100 diffrent outfits out of it just by adding an item or two :)
So the pictures above , they are the printshots from the new video I just uploaded on youtube :)
So if you want to see the full looks , watch it :) 


suzanne marie

Friday, 5 July 2013

Face routine - Products I LOVE

Hello my lovelies!
So round a year ago I posted my face routine post, from then it changed quite a bit , well
every single product changed :)
So I am coming back with a post and a VIDEO about my new loved products.
In the video I am not applying make up but just saying why I love those products :)
If you want to see the video heres the link:


If not here are the products in a nutshell :) :
1.Moisturizing cream by BOOTS
2.Revlon Photo ready foundation in Vanilla
3.Soap&Glory foundation in Fairiest of them all
4. Soap&Glory trick&treatment under eye concealer
6. Kiss Ass Soap&Glory concealer
7. Maybelline white eyeshadow
8. Real Techniques face expert brush
9.Revlon pallete in 500
10. 2true black liquid eyeliner

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Inspiration - Elegance

Hi guys,
so for those who do read my blog , you know I love my colorfull clothing items. I am always buying thinks that scream LOOK AT ME! I never think of what I would wear it tho , and thinks end up eaither abandoned or paired with ridiculous clashing items.
As much as I am afraid of white and never wear it , I decided to research some more classy , basic outfits and add them to my wardrobe. I still love my crazy-ness but I do want to tone it down and look more mature , not like a 13 year old , I am 20 for god sake :) I would like to feel feminine for once :)
So here is some pictures that I will be looking at next time I will be dressing myself :)


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