Monday, 11 February 2013

Grammys 2013 - my favourites

I have catched up on grammys just today morning and thought I will share with you my personal favorites , although it was so hard to choose and I realized how picky I am to wardrobe I have few ones to show you that I think are spot on.

Janelle Monae
Natasha Bedingfield
Kelly Rowland
Katy Perry

What were your favorites?

Sunday, 10 February 2013

January favorites!

At last! 
Hello girls!
Since we started new year I promised myself to be organised and got myself a diary. I am writing everything in it! from blogging , college to a shopping list :)
It helps!
One of my "to do" in my reminder is posting a every month favorites and stick to it! 
January months favorites include body and hair care , I always have been and am obsessed with getting my skin and hair to the perfect state and thanks to these products it works wonders!

1.Let's start with this wonder scrub! Gorgeous by Gok body polish with Almond Oil
I use it 2-3 times a week in a shower. The smell , the feeling on the skin is just amazing! I always have been using scrubs , but never found one like that. It makes my skin feel so flawless when putting on and after I wash it off and the smell is just divine! I will definitely be buying this again.

2.Gorgeous by Gok body lotion with Rose Oil.
Another perfect buy from Goks collection. It is a perfect body lotion , all I can say it smells gorgeous , it makes my skin feel super soft and it drys quick and I do hate the ones that take ages for skin to absorb.

3. Okey , so I picked up this shampoo because it was a good deal and I have know VO5 brand from their awesome hot oil. I did not expect it to be sooo good.. This VO5 gloss me smoothly shampoo for frizzy hair is the perfect find for my poor dry hair. It gets out all the nasty things out of my hair and I see a massive improvement on frizziness of my hair.

4. I always get rid of all the make up before go to sleep , and clean my face. This little buddy sits on my bed side table and I use him every night and day if I do not plan putting make up on. Clear Skin pretty perfect Facial Roll-on is definitely something that helped my skin get rid of nasty pimples and dries out the ones that would appear. 

5.I have tested so many high branded hair conditioners and if they did not work wonder they even gave me dandruff :(  I must admitted I kind of given up and instead of spending money on a new conditioner to test out I looked through our " stock up drawers" and found this beauty. Schwarzkopf GLISS hair repair Liquid silk gloss conditioner is one of the hair products my boyfriend bought and never opened. I gave it a try and oh my goodness , I did not expect Schwarzkopf to do such wonders! Every times I use it my hair feel like silk . I do not struggle anymore with knots and nasty looking hair , in fact I do not even have to style it anymore as my hair has a natural silky curly look to them that I have never seen before. WIN! 

I  highly recommend those products.

What are your faves of January?

suanne marie

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