Saturday, 7 December 2013

Experimenting with make up

Hello everyone!
Today is one of those days that I just flop around not doing much productive things.
I decided then to experiment with make up. Nowadays I tent to go for really neutral quick almost “no make up make up “ look , but I felt like I want to try something more exciting.
I took out my small hello kitty palette I purchased from superdrug a while ago ( yes , you might think that hello kitty range for superdrug sound like cosmetics for kids that are no quality what so ever ,but boy you’re wrong! They are actual proper good pigmented things !) . I tried the “salmon” color before on my eye and quite liked it, but boredom made me use a purple aswell. I might of gone too far and look like a dead body using those tones on my pale skin , but I like to try something different once in a while.
I also used the Barry M. marker liner as I was looking for some new liquid eyeliner and this one caught my eye as it seemed so easy and fast to use. As you can see on a picture with swatches its not the blackest ,but it will do.

 I shall sneak a little picture of  lovely cat Oscar that visits my room frequently haha
How I relax, on the bed with load of make up (leggings – H&M)
As I look from far away I am not so sure about my make up , That’s what I mean by looking like a ghost or a walking dead haha! ( jumper-primark)
As it’s a post about what productive (haha) things I did today I shall show you my nails , that are just … I don’t even know what to say. Why would I put those two polishes together?!
(Barry M. effects-sour apple /essie-snap happy)

Okey so that has been something diffrent :)
I hope you enjoyed this post although it wasn't a pretty OOTD or review , I want to stay true to what I want to show on my blog and it is whatever I like :) 

What do you do on your lazy days? Especially now that its soooo cold! I am away to sti by the fire with 100th cup of tea.

keep warm!
suzanne marie

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

OOTD - massive jumper

Hello lovelies , 
Today a quick post with outfit of the day I wore few days ago to see local lights turning on.
First of all I want to apologize like always proabably about akward pictures. I think most of us still struggle with taking pictures of themselvs in a room that has no good plain background? Well I hope I am not alone haha.
I am wearing a jumper I told you about in last post and being size S/M I must admit it is quite big.
But on other side big and cosy - can not go wrong in weather like this :)

jumper-boohoo|skirt-River Island|super cosy tights-ebay|boots-JustFab

suzanne marie

Monday, 25 November 2013

Bargain picks at BOOHOO

Hello my lovelies!
In scotland Autumn is getting colder and colder each day and don't get me wrong I can not wait for snow  , hot chocolate and putting light up! 
But I also found myself not being prepared for such weather if it comes to clothes.
I love cosy jumpers and sweaters. They are so simple to wear , comfy , worm and look cute!
I straight away went onto booho.com because as we all know they have some cute stuff in a really wallet friendly price. I am such a bargain hunter that I still looked into a sale section!
I am going share with you know the 3 great buys under £30 altogether!

Deary me , this sweater is heaven. For £8 it is such a good quality , I can not wait to wear with some chunky necklace and black jeans. The print is just lovely , as my boyfriend would call it EUROPEAN haha , I get what he means. Poland , Russia and all those countries do have traditional costume that is covered in roses! Or babooskhas :) He would probably call it a grannys sweater , but then again does any guy get the floral print trend?

Another granny like sweater , well more of a cardigan. It is not as thick but still super cosy! Paired up with some cute dress , over knee socks and combat boots - i think it's going to look pretty nice.
It doesn't have any buttons , but I never button up my cardigans anyway so it a win for me anyway :)
And at last a tartan skirt. I don't think that I need to say much. Tartan is a big trend this A/W and I just needed a skirt or a dress to follow up a trend that seriously grew on me. Now , about sizing , I am size 10 , on purpose I got it size 12 and even tho the band is elastic it is tight so remember that some pieces are more safe to be ordered in bigger size :)

I  can not wait to wear those things and make up some cosy winter outfits of the day , that of course I shall be sharing with you.

hope you enjoyed this post :)
suzanne marie

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Pale face

How akward is taking outfit pictures by yourself with artificial lighting? 

blazer-River Island|Dress-Dorothy Perkins|Belt-Vintage|Wedges-NEXT|Bracelets-http://thisrandomlittleshop.tictail.com/

suzanne marie

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Crazy Cat Lady

dress-ebay|earing-DIY|shoes-crocs|bag-car boot|belt-vintage

Have I mentioned I have been obsessed with cats latley?
This dress is one of the cat clothing I bought recently. It's so easy to wear , comfortable for a casual day and it matches my tattoo! :D
What are you obsessed with?:)

suzanne marie

Monday, 12 August 2013

Unique house decor

I'm sure am not the only one if it comes to looking at websites of pretty home decor/furniture.
Even if we do not own our dream house yet , we like to look for pretty thing don't we?
I personally love the unique pieces, probably not to everyones taste.
But as I look for cool decor on stylishlife.co.uk I decided to share with you few of the items I like and would like in my house .

1.Deer candle holder - what can I say it hives that Gothic feel but if paired with other item right , could look pretty nice and less scary.
2.50's phone - and it works! But even if it didnt I would still love this kinda decor piece.
3. Greyhound lamp - I honestly never seen anything like this ! Imagine if they did other animals like....elephants!
4. Pug lamp - one word - CUTE
5.Buddha lamp - I really like the lok of buddhas , it has nothing to do with religion believes , but I can just imagine sitiing , chilling with a cup of tea in a dark room just with this lamp shining. 
6. Bear table - this just brings a smile to my face ! and all I think about is the Hunting season cartoon :)
7. Vintage birdcage - what can I say, I love EVERYTHING vintage or vintage inspired. I have no idea what would I put in that cage , but It would definitely make everything look beautiful. 

What do you think about this kinda unique decor?

suzanne marie

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Checkered pants


Hello dolls,
I rediscover a box full of goodies and hair accessories. One of them was this beaded headband that belonged to my granny's sister I believe. As soon as I put it on I felt like I am getting ready for the first day in school , why? I have no idea. I paired it with this vintage blouse which is actually cream color. I revamped it by adding some square and tar studs. I put on those statement jeans from boohoo and my diy bag inspired by carries diaries.
Have you re discovered something is your wardrobe latley?

suzanne marie

Friday, 9 August 2013

The Witch is back

hat-loveclothing|top-ebay(sheinside)|belt-old(dontremember)|skirt-miss selfridges|pumps-justfab

I feel like I did not find my own style yet and I still play around with fashion ,
but in a same time I don't want to have a one particular style , I love the
ability to look elegant one day and casual the other.
Hence why I decided to be open minded to wearing all black or all white , although
for now I will stick to black.
Weirdly enough as a colorfull of a person I am , I recenly decided to wear more black .
The sun is shining everyone is so happy and I decided to wear black in those sunny days.
Today I paired up my favourtie top from ebay that you can buy and sheinside for 3 times the price and
skirt from miss selfridge that still has a tag on!
As soon as I got to taking pictures it started raining , oh no , pooring with rain !
But that wouldnt stop me.
Tell me what you think about this witch like outfit :)
suzanne marie

Monday, 22 July 2013


Hello people :)
So as some of you may know UK has been BOILING this past couple of weeks hence why I whipped out all my summer dresses and picked up few bits and bobs . Ahh the excitment !
This is the outfit I wore yesterday on our little family trip to the park where we walked thorough such a nice green house that had all the plant from all over the world.
I wore this cute playsuit ,dungarees? that look like its a dress but its actually really flared shorts! I love it and its so comfortable, the print is such a statement you dont even need to style it up.
But me being me , I needed colour hence why I through on this SheInside necklace which is my new purchase and such a statement piece. 
(you can see those and more items in my recent haul on www.youtube.com/abstractiononheels )

How did you spend your weekend / holiday?
suzanne marie
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