Monday, 12 August 2013

Unique house decor

I'm sure am not the only one if it comes to looking at websites of pretty home decor/furniture.
Even if we do not own our dream house yet , we like to look for pretty thing don't we?
I personally love the unique pieces, probably not to everyones taste.
But as I look for cool decor on stylishlife.co.uk I decided to share with you few of the items I like and would like in my house .

1.Deer candle holder - what can I say it hives that Gothic feel but if paired with other item right , could look pretty nice and less scary.
2.50's phone - and it works! But even if it didnt I would still love this kinda decor piece.
3. Greyhound lamp - I honestly never seen anything like this ! Imagine if they did other animals like....elephants!
4. Pug lamp - one word - CUTE
5.Buddha lamp - I really like the lok of buddhas , it has nothing to do with religion believes , but I can just imagine sitiing , chilling with a cup of tea in a dark room just with this lamp shining. 
6. Bear table - this just brings a smile to my face ! and all I think about is the Hunting season cartoon :)
7. Vintage birdcage - what can I say, I love EVERYTHING vintage or vintage inspired. I have no idea what would I put in that cage , but It would definitely make everything look beautiful. 

What do you think about this kinda unique decor?

suzanne marie


Alice H said... said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] [Reply] Reply To This Comment

Absolutely adore the phone and the birdcage! Why don't I have my own little bungalow yet :') xx


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