Friday, 28 September 2012

Anna Dello Russo For H&M

Okey , so here I am writing an quite exciting , at least for me post being super ill straight from my bed.
 All of us remember last collaboration between versace and h&m .
I love their pieces , especially the jewellery section and oh my god the pantera choker. Sadly I did not get my hand on any of them as I was not round a H&M to buy some.
This time thought seeing new pieces that I will share with you in a minute , I hope to purchase at least some of them.
This season Anna Dello Russo is realising her accessories collection to a high street store H&M.
I am not gonna lie, I never heard of her ,but after seeing them pieces that include my favorite : turqoaise , gold and chunkiness  , I can easily say I could be her next "fan"(?)
so here we go , I present you with some pictures of her amazing designs that will be available in H&M stores on 4/5 October , woohoo!
This are just some pieces and I need to admit I love every single one! 
I checked H&M s website before and seen that prices of some stuff are quite affordable , so girls whos gonna get their hand on them beauties?!

suzanne marie

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Paris fashion week - street style favs

As every year , I read , fallow all the news about fashion weeks all over the world hoping maybe next year I could attend one. 
Thought of so many people in love with fashion and one place enjoying shows and events together just makes me so happy , considering I live in a place where , lets say , not much people really is into fashion and everyone stops themselves from wearing "different" garments. They are afraid to stand out , to be noticed and is it not something all of us should want?
I am especially interested noting new collection but all the fashionistas! Everyone with such different styles , no ones afraid to be themselves ! It inspires me a lot! I took a look at Paris fashion week street style for some inspiration as I am thinking about renewing my wardrobe and I wanted to share with you some of my favourties.  
I fell in love with this such simple but outstanding outfit, them pants are so unique and make a big statement in the look. What ought my eye as a bright color lover is her cardigan which is definitely going on my autumn wishlist .

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