Thursday, 9 August 2012

Organic SURGE moisturiser

As I probably mentioned before I have a really , really and I mean really dry skin, so good moisturiser is a big thing for me. I always carry it with me, since I have quite a few.
I am not too picky but I will share my honest opinion with you.
The one I will be reviewing today is Super-intensive daily moisturiser called Organic SURGE.
I got it in TKmaxx for £3.99 and apparently their other shop price is £7.99
As the name says it is organic , not tested on animals which is always good to hear.
It is special for dry skin and contains organic rose geranium essential oil.
The smell?
Not something you could think "I want to eat it" , no , no.
But then again is any of organic stuff smells really good? it is never as good as more artificial stuff.
Anyways. Everytime I put it on my face it feels like a plastic mask, the whole process of it sinking into my face feel like it creates another layer of skin ,which I must admit feels a bit weird.
It does the job though , does moisturise quite good , but I realised recently that really dry part of my face like my forehead or nose need a good few layers of this cream which is not really handy in the mornings when you rush to work , college or whatever. 
Overall I would give this one a 6/10 points and it is worth a try , remember its organic so so much better for  the skin :)

Did yu try this?
What is your favourite moisturiser?
suzanne marie 

Boots traditional skin care moisturiser

Hello :) 
So today another moisturiser review.

Tradicional Skin Care
Skin Cream
Rich and Moisturising 

Just a few pounds for a big cream. And let me tell ya , it is moisturising !
The smell , I would compare it to the Nivea creams.
The big plus is that you do not need too much to spread on your whole face, a one little finger scoop will do.
The minus which could be a plus is that it does take a while to sing into your skin.
So I would definitely recommend to apply it before going to bed and give it time over night to soak into the skin.
I did try to apply make up on top of it after 15 minutes but foundation just ran down my face and I had an extra glow , not a nice glow , I looked greasy :(
I am still going to keep using it since when applied in evening by few hours or in the morning my skin feels nice and moisturised.
So my points? rate?

anyone know a miracle moisturiser for people with super super dry skin?

do you find products of boots or superdrug own range good or always stick to high end?

suzanne marie

Haul #2

So yesterday I decided to treat myself to few new pieces since I am in process of slowly clearing my wardrobe.
Recently I love blouses , I love their collors , shapes and the fabric they are made of , so when I poped in to new look and spotted this purple lovely one I could not resist! 

I also spotted a white sleeveless one , and even tho I am not a fan of white clothes , this one was such a bargain and I needed to have it.  It has such a nice detailing and does button just in the very top , so wearing a top underneath is a must!

I also picked up a pair of dirty pink skinny jeans that I think would go perfect with the purple blouse!

Going to pay for the items and my mum spotted those earring with little insects , so pretty! and just £1!

On my way back home I decided to pop to semi chem and pick up some hair dye but as always I could not resist their £1 candles , some even just 79p :O and the smells ! oh god , I am totally in love with the cookie one  and apple and cinnamon , even though they are the Christmas ones.
 btw , checks the candle my mum got me! 
I feel bad just thinking about lighting it!

I also ordered two items from missguided.com

Them lovely jeans , in the front they are printed and in the back black with printed pockets! Althought miss guided surprised me that the back of the jeans is not a jeans material its just cotton :(

another and last item would be a sheer blouse with print of little birds.
And let me tell you , on the website it does not look sheer! and yes I did expect it to be a better quality :( 
Still in love with it and can not wait to wear it!

I want to say I am so sorry for the quality of pictures! I made them too small and do not have much time to edit them again! 
It is a bit of a challenge to blog do some housework and take care of this little creature .

Stay tuned for more posts!
suzanne marie

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Studs, studs, studs

So I was just reading the new issue of LOOK and did not plan to blog today at all,
but suddenly on the very end of magazine I have noticed an advert for a clothing website I have never heard of. The picture advertising shows a girl dressed up in so many items with studs on.
Now , I love studs.
So I had to share with you some of their awesome and yet reasonable priced items! 

Look at them goodies!
I am totally in love with this blue studded bag  ! so gorg! and the fringed one! Would add so much style to any simple outfit.
Also they sell knockoffs of American Apareal of disco pants just for £15!
I can not help but just love them pieces . 
The neckless with hanging kind of tribal bits....just dreamy.

Studs are really in but I would definitely avoid putting them together too much. I know I do not believe in less is more , but imagine wearing every single item of clothing with studs in the same outfit? A bit of stud overload :D

Do you know this shop ? is so , do you like it?
How do you like studded items?


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