Thursday, 9 August 2012

Organic SURGE moisturiser

As I probably mentioned before I have a really , really and I mean really dry skin, so good moisturiser is a big thing for me. I always carry it with me, since I have quite a few.
I am not too picky but I will share my honest opinion with you.
The one I will be reviewing today is Super-intensive daily moisturiser called Organic SURGE.
I got it in TKmaxx for £3.99 and apparently their other shop price is £7.99
As the name says it is organic , not tested on animals which is always good to hear.
It is special for dry skin and contains organic rose geranium essential oil.
The smell?
Not something you could think "I want to eat it" , no , no.
But then again is any of organic stuff smells really good? it is never as good as more artificial stuff.
Anyways. Everytime I put it on my face it feels like a plastic mask, the whole process of it sinking into my face feel like it creates another layer of skin ,which I must admit feels a bit weird.
It does the job though , does moisturise quite good , but I realised recently that really dry part of my face like my forehead or nose need a good few layers of this cream which is not really handy in the mornings when you rush to work , college or whatever. 
Overall I would give this one a 6/10 points and it is worth a try , remember its organic so so much better for  the skin :)

Did yu try this?
What is your favourite moisturiser?
suzanne marie 


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