Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Studs, studs, studs

So I was just reading the new issue of LOOK and did not plan to blog today at all,
but suddenly on the very end of magazine I have noticed an advert for a clothing website I have never heard of. The picture advertising shows a girl dressed up in so many items with studs on.
Now , I love studs.
So I had to share with you some of their awesome and yet reasonable priced items! 

Look at them goodies!
I am totally in love with this blue studded bag  ! so gorg! and the fringed one! Would add so much style to any simple outfit.
Also they sell knockoffs of American Apareal of disco pants just for £15!
I can not help but just love them pieces . 
The neckless with hanging kind of tribal bits....just dreamy.

Studs are really in but I would definitely avoid putting them together too much. I know I do not believe in less is more , but imagine wearing every single item of clothing with studs in the same outfit? A bit of stud overload :D

Do you know this shop ? is so , do you like it?
How do you like studded items?


FrancesCassandra♥ said... said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] [Reply] Reply To This Comment

I've never heard of this shop before but I will definitely be checking it out, so many studs!

Frances xx


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