Thursday, 9 August 2012

Haul #2

So yesterday I decided to treat myself to few new pieces since I am in process of slowly clearing my wardrobe.
Recently I love blouses , I love their collors , shapes and the fabric they are made of , so when I poped in to new look and spotted this purple lovely one I could not resist! 

I also spotted a white sleeveless one , and even tho I am not a fan of white clothes , this one was such a bargain and I needed to have it.  It has such a nice detailing and does button just in the very top , so wearing a top underneath is a must!

I also picked up a pair of dirty pink skinny jeans that I think would go perfect with the purple blouse!

Going to pay for the items and my mum spotted those earring with little insects , so pretty! and just £1!

On my way back home I decided to pop to semi chem and pick up some hair dye but as always I could not resist their £1 candles , some even just 79p :O and the smells ! oh god , I am totally in love with the cookie one  and apple and cinnamon , even though they are the Christmas ones.
 btw , checks the candle my mum got me! 
I feel bad just thinking about lighting it!

I also ordered two items from missguided.com

Them lovely jeans , in the front they are printed and in the back black with printed pockets! Althought miss guided surprised me that the back of the jeans is not a jeans material its just cotton :(

another and last item would be a sheer blouse with print of little birds.
And let me tell you , on the website it does not look sheer! and yes I did expect it to be a better quality :( 
Still in love with it and can not wait to wear it!

I want to say I am so sorry for the quality of pictures! I made them too small and do not have much time to edit them again! 
It is a bit of a challenge to blog do some housework and take care of this little creature .

Stay tuned for more posts!
suzanne marie


Katarina said... said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] [Reply] Reply To This Comment

what a cute baby <3


Suzanne Marie said... said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] [Reply] Reply To This Comment


Susann said... said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] [Reply] Reply To This Comment

I really like those earrings what a great eye for a bargain you have !


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