Thursday, 19 July 2012


Who doesn't know that brand ? 
It is advertised in so many places and magazines , so straight away I would think it is good.
I started using their shampoo and hairspray and thought commercials do not lie.
Well here we are few months later and  I am very disappointed.

Both of those product ( I tried few of the shampoos not just this deep cleansing one and also few stronger and lighter hairsprays and think all of that worked the same bad way) gave me such a itchy and dry scalp.
I was sure it is, because my hair is for some strange reason starting to get bad and unhealthy again. My boyfriend kept telling me that if I think it is the hairspray it is my fault becouse apparently I would put the tube too close to my head and not few inches away as said to do.
I was wondering maybe its because recently I have been craving junk food.
One day I decided maybe I should stop using this hairspray and.......... it helped! 
The whole nightmare came along once again as I started using their shampoo but with more "bad benefits" my scalp was not just itchy and full of dandruff but hair straight after getting dry after a shower were already super greasy.  HOW THE HELL?!
Again I did not realize it might be Tresemme shampoo but finally after few more days of horrible hair I thought to give a shot of using a diffrent brand that lies next to my bath.
It stopped , my hair started to feel better again and mainly no dry itchy scalp!

I will never never use those products again ! I am so dissapointed and I feel like I want to say that coz of that experience I will never use any of tresemme products but I do use their conditioner for colour treated hair and it works wonders! 

What is your experience with tresemme products? 

suzanne marie


COPPER GARDEN // UK Fashion + Beauty Blog said... said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] [Reply] Reply To This Comment

I find their products hit and miss. Some are amazing and others are a let down. I havent tried the masks yet though xx

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