Sunday, 27 November 2011

First post - Welcoming winter

Hello , I can't even count how many times I started a blog but never got myself to write.
I promised myself that with this one I try to write every day.
Well let's just get to the point without any pointless introductions.

I don't know how about you dollies , but I am welcoming winter already!
I just can not wait to see first snow and feel the Christmas ( fingers crossed Scotland will be full of snow this year)

For my first blog entry I decided to post some ideas of nice looking cosy outfits.
Let's just start.

cardigan - river island  £50
belt - river island £16
boots - UGG £183
trousers - river island £30
scarf - topshop £16
rope neckles - £10
bracelet - dorothy perkins £6.50


leggins -river island £22
boots - office £32
kimono - river island £50
scarf - topshop £22
belt - topshop £16

adorable sweater - river island £35
faux leather trousers - topshop £42
- office £79
pom pom beainie hat - river island £13

That's just three outfits I paired and I would wear. Not saying I think they will suit and be liked by everyone , just think looks nice.

Also I am in looooove with those typical christmas sweaters from topshop (£50) !
aren't they adorable ?!

I sadly did not took any pictures over last half a year which is really weird for me since I used to be obsessed with capturing every minute of my life and fashion garments :D.
I decided since tomorrow to go back to my old pattern but for now , I found few older pictures of me in autumn/winter time and what I wore.
First of we have first proper winter in scotland in 2010.
I am not a lover of black color , but being in academy didn't allow me to wear any other colors than black and white , so whole winter cosy jumper and biker leather jacket were my number 1 plus that furry beanie hat.

Then we have my FAVOURTIE ever , super oversized ( actually too big haha ) russian hat.
It is sooo cosy! and I love how big it is.
Picture number one was taken just before 2011 and second one was 2008.

 Last two pictures was my Christmas trip with mum to London.
I must say I look pretty crazy , but I just wanted to be cosy.
Headband is I belive knitted by my mother with little broch from 60's from her closet aswell.
Fake furr I wore with tiny beige belt with little lizard in front but sadly picture doesnt show it.
I love my orange gloves , I love oranges and greens that is probably why I paired it with leather green bag.
And here we are with last and the oldest picture. From what I can remember its 2006 or 2007. Back in poland , autumn.
I was wearing one of my coats which was bought ( like most of my coats) not in perfect shape and size since mother always says " buy it bigger so you can fit a cosy sweater underneath" did you ever hear that?:)
anyways , I put a belt on it and black knitter scarf. From what I can mind I had my cowboy brown boots to match the belt.

I think I will stop on this with this first short entry .
I promise write more next time and now I hope to hear from you what would you like to see in my blog.
Make up reviews?
fashion tips?
looks for less?

i'm waiting dolls 
suzanne marie


C.A.R. said... said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] [Reply] Reply To This Comment

cute post :) and i'd love to see all of your propositions on your blog as future posts :) - i say more outfit pictures though! :)


C.A.R. said... said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] [Reply] Reply To This Comment

Ok well i'll be following you and looking out for those posts then ;)


Allthesimplethings said... said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] [Reply] Reply To This Comment

Heyy I'm new to blogging :)
And I'd really appreciate it if you could follow me and help me with feedback and stuff :)

Vicki :)

♥AdamAlexMommy♥ said... said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] [Reply] Reply To This Comment

fantastic reviews and love your photos. new follower. hope we can stay connected. :)

ar.girl♥ said... said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] [Reply] Reply To This Comment

ure so pretty c:

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