Thursday, 3 May 2012

NEW JOHNSON'S® Skin Perfecting Oil

Hello dolls.
So today something that loads of girls struggle with , stretch marks.
I personally developed light stretchmarks all over my legs and hips good few years ago due to gaining weight and losing it all the time , ah puberty.
I never really paid that much attention to them since they are bearly noticeable , but since I got pregnant I thought it is a time to do something about it .
I was and still am using popular Palmers coca butter and stretch marks cream that some of you are familiar with , but as it says it only help to reduce the apperance of stretch marks.
As in pregnancy , I believe Palmers butters helped me reduce those nasty marks as I have not many and suprisinlgy not even on my bump!
They are red tho. When that start to happend I decided to look for a good skin perfecting oil and tadam that is when Johnosns realized their  NEW Skin Perfecting oil.
To get the best results and see difference in 4 weeks they say you need to use it twice daily.
I am probably not the only one who is not a big fun of creaming themselves.
I hate the feeling of sticky skin after body butters but I know it is worth the end result . After the oil the skin feels even more worse for me as in it is so slimy and sticky shall I say.
I have been using this product for about a week and sadly I have to admit not twice a day. 
I do not expect so much difference since I do not use it how I am supposed to but I am trying my best and I have to tell you I just feel that it will work and take those nasty red marks of my body!
The product is in a spray bottle which makes it so easy and nice too use and you do not have to deal with issue of puring too much on your hand/body. 
Did any of you used it ? Have any experience with maybe bio oil that is probably the most popular product to fight the stretch marks?
I would love to hear your opinion and personally I promise to blog you about my further experience with this product.
So far, happy and I will try use it as much as I can and keep my hopes up!

take care

suzanne marie


Maycie After Five said... said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] [Reply] Reply To This Comment

Never heard of this product before. Thanks for the tip. I have to try this.

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