Monday, 5 May 2014

FOOD MONDAY - Chicken salad in 15 minutes!

Hello lovlies, 
So let's kick of with first Food Monday.
I just want to say that I am not or think I am any master chef :) I just enjoy cooking in my free time , which I have been having a lot lately and why not share some of the things I enjoy?:)
I feel in love with cooking recently and I love experimenting with it. I never really go along with recipes , but just kinda make my own as I go along. So for a easy peasy start I want to share with you a quick and super yummy chicken salad recipe which you can alter to you liking :)

What do you need:

You can add whatever you want really, instead of feta cheesse you could add mozzarella or gouda. That's the great thing about salads , you can add whatever you want!

1.First thing I do is chop my bread into little squares and throw them onto a previously heated pan with oil.They will make perfect homemade croutons  I am using a Olivie Oil my mum made which has some herbs and garlic added to it. It adds great to a flavour.

2.They will take no longer than 5 minutes and get golden brown. Throw them into a small dish and gram yogurt , lemon and mayo for the dressing.
For the dressing I am using about 3 table spoons of yogurt , another 3 of mayo and squeeze half a lemon. I also used some dried basil ,but thats not necessary. Now time to mix the ingredients to make a smooth dressing. 

3.For the chicken, all you have to do is place it onto the heated pan and sprinkle with seasoning of you choice. I picked a mix of chicken spices and herbs.

4.While the chicken is sizzling and cooking away , let's chop the veggies.
More variations you have then better!
I love how with each bite you taste different veggies and combinations.

5.After all the chopping is done , time to throw in your salad, chopped veggies and a sauce together. I advise to leave croutons for last  , as adding them with the sauce and mixing might make the a bit soggy. 

6.And that's the finished dish! How lovely does that look?!
It is so yummy and only takes 15 minutes!

suzanne marie


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