Tuesday, 11 June 2013

New In - Soap and Glory face routine

Hi guys,
I have struggeled with the title of this post .
I have been running out of my foundation and turned back to the wake me up foundation by maybelline , I must admit it is not the best for me. My skin recently is playing games with me and is just not good for me whatsoever , so I was on a hunt for a new foundation to try out.
I went to boots and my main goal was to pick up the KICK ASS concealer by Soap and Glory.
The name just sold it to me the very fist time I have seen it. It has 3 step little parts including the setting powder. While getting that I thought I might as well get a foundation from the. So the Show good face 2 in 1 skin energizing foundation and primer. How handy! And I got it in the shade "the fairest of them all" which is the lighter you can get, hah. 
Boots had an offer 3 for 2 so I thought I should take advantage , I couldn't really find anything as I am not really after eye shadows or lipstick  so I ended up picking  a trick and treatment under eye dark circle concealer.
So now your gonna see shots of my first experience with soap and glory make up.
I have quite a few quite bad blemishes on my forehead and chin area I also have a super dry skin so I tired avoiding putting loads of product on.
(Foundation " The fairiest of them all")
(My face after one quite thin layer of foundation)
(time for the under eye treatment :D!)
(and concealer)
And we are done!
I used the setting powder  all over my face and I love it!
I love the finish look . I probably could do with more coverage but as I said I do not want to put load of product so yeah. I can see myself loving those products! They are perfect shades for my pale skin and look is so flawless and matte.

Did you ever use those products?

ps. Excuse my roots but I am waiting to do them just before goinf on holiday :)

suzanne marie


Diane B. said... said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] [Reply] Reply To This Comment

I am always looking for a good concealer ! Will have to try this one out! Ty!

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